Peering Policy

Introduction and Definitions

BelWü generally has an open peering policy, details and constraints can be found below.

Peering locations and contact info can be found in our PeeringDB entry .

Our ASN is 553 and our IRR as-set is AS-BELWUE (RIPE).

BelWü is the academic network of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It connects universities, colleges and many other institutions to each other and to the internet. The network carries eyeballs, but also scientific content and data streams, so traffic patterns may be unusual at times.

Modal verbs (e.g. "should" or "may") in this document are to be interpreted as described in BCP14  [RFC2119 ] [RFC8174 ].

General Policy and Requirements

Requirements for the peer

  • a publicly routable ASN
  • an entry in PeeringDB 
  • an IRR filter set (as-set/route-set or a single aut-num)
  • up-to-date NOC and peering contacts
  • a fully staffed and responsive NOC

Requirements for peering sessions

  • sessions are implemented with BGP version 4
  • sessions should be established over IPv4 and IPv6
  • maximum-prefixes should be documented in PeeringDB  and should never be exceeded
  • no routes learned from transit or other peerings may be advertised to BelWü
  • no default route may be advertised to BelWü
  • no static routes to BelWü may be used

Peering at an Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

  • for IXPs with BelWü presence see our PeeringDB entry 
  • BelWü usually peers with route-servers (RS) and prefers omitting additional direct sessions to peers
  • direct sessions may be established if the peer does not peer with RS or if direct sessions bring other benefits (e.g. additional routes that are not announced to RS)
  • configuration is automatically generated using data from the peers PeeringDB  entry

Private Network Interconnects (PNI)

  • PNIs are possible in different locations 
  • PNIs are subject to availability and economic feasibility of crossconnects and ports
  • available interface types are 10GBASE-LR, 100GBASE-LR4 or 100GBASE-LR
  • traffic levels must justify the requested interface type
  • crossconnects must be singlemode fiber

BelWü policies

  • advertisements with extraordinary attributes (e.g. very long as-path) may be dropped
  • the MED (e.g. if multiple sessions via IXP are in use) attribute will usually be honored
  • BelWü may alter the peering policy and peering requirements at any time
  • BelWü may accept or decline a peering request at any time for any reason
  • BelWü may suspend peering (e.g. in case of connectivity issues, debugging, or maintenance) without prior notice
  • BelWü may terminate any peering connection at any time without notice

Thank you for peering!

If you want to peer with BelWü, please send us an email and include your peering details.